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Shirts with ties or knots on the front are a fun look that works for a lot of shapes and sizes. Its popularity can be traced through its appearance in all the major lines. Ribkoff, FDJ, Tribal, and Pistache have all done pieces that incorporate the tie or knot. Cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics are all part of this trend. The epic question becomes what kind bottom do you wear with these tops?!

For most people who are of average height, a tailored rather than flared pant looks best. Length wise, a crop or ankle length tends to work best. That said, you can never go wrong with a fabulous pair of jeans. Another great look is pairing it over a summer dress, wearing it as a bolero style jacket instead of a shirt. (Ask Roxy for details in store...she is the master of this look.❤)


Long denim jackets made their fashion return late in Fall 2019 and are back with a vengeance for Spring. Tribal (pictured below right) has provided many different options for this trend including: distressed denim, regular denim, white denim, and fabulous spring patterned denim. FDJ (pictured here) is a bit more conservative with a regular denim option. Some of our petite customers were worried about the length of these jackets, but they are quickly becoming a favourite. Janis J, who is one of our petite customers, "loves this jacket", and is one of her go to pieces this Spring. Some customers like the length on early Spring days for more warmth.
The lengths of these jackets are best suited to a tailored bottom rather than a flared. Some customers have loved the true denim on denim look, but most have opted for a different coloured denim on the bottom, with white soft pink, and sage being the early favourites.

We have so many customers who have fond memories of their favourite jean jacket, with the way it felt and it being very hard to let go of. Maybe this will be a new twist on your old favourite? ❤


The bathroom maneuvering aside, jumpsuits are winning over a lot our customers. It can be seen in a lot our lines including: Tribal, Miik, Ribkoff, and Orientique. They vary in style from dressy chic to beachy beautiful. The varying leg lengths allows customers to choose the right one for them. Our customers, Kim E., Jennifer S. and Moira H. rocked the jumpsuit for their work events in an elegant evening setting, while the more casual jumpsuit has been popular for everyday wear paired with a denim jacket or cardigan.

The jumpsuit is definitely something to try on to see how it feels and looks for your next event or casual Spring outfit. The jumpsuit from Tribal (pictured right) is the perfect example of the elegant look that can be worn for work events and weddings. The Canadian designed and made jumpsuit from Miik has been a casual favourite (pictured left) and is available as the natural toned striped and also in solid black. Come in and try on one.


The knotted shirt, long denim jacket, and jumpsuit are just a few of trends for Spring 2020 that have been popular with us and our customers. The knotted shirt's versatility in style and fabric makes it easy to add to your existing wardrobe, the long denim jacket is a fun twist on a classic must have, and the jumpsuit provides an opportunity to make a bold fashion statement this Spring. We would happy to assist you in building on these and creating a fabulous outfit and wardrobe.

As with any trend the important question to ask is...will I wear it and love it? What do you think of these trendy looks? Love it or not for you?


  • Shopping on-line is new for me… so where better to start than checking out Patryka ! Thanks not only for the learning opportunity with on-line shopping, but for a look at some of the new items. Will you be showing more as time goes on? Best wishes during these strange times. Leanne

    Leanne Forest
  • Interesting article!


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