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Now is the Time to Clear Your Closet

Hello Fashion Friends,

We hope you all are doing well! Since a lot of us are stuck at home, we thought we'd take some time to get organized. It's a great opportunity to get some spring cleaning done. What better way than to dive into that closet you've been wanting to tackle. Cleaning out the closet can feel overwhelming, so we've come up with a few ideas to help:

• First step is to empty out your closet

• Make 3 piles: Keep, donate and throw out

• The easy part: Throw out any items that are stained, ripped etc.

• The hard part: If you haven't worn item in a year, it should be donated. (Yes, this sadly includes that pair of jeans that last fit you in your twenties. Ok we haven’t thrown out ours yet. Baby steps. Lol)

• You’ve heard this before, but ask yourself “does it spark joy", if not donate it. If you don’t feel fabulous, it needs to go. Your old favourite will be someone else’s new favourite

• Items such as jeans and sweaters on shelves can be stacked to create more room. Those don't need to be hung, and sweaters like it better folded anyway.

• Installing hooks can create more space to hang purses, jewelry, hats etc. It also allows you to visually see what you have when you are putting an outfit together. (See examples)

• If you have a small closet, you can put off season items in storage totes, but keep only the items that you intend to wear again.

• You can use tricks such a shower curtain hooks on hangers to hang
scarves. Pop can tabs can also be used to attach hangers together vertically. (See examples)

• Organize in a way that feels right to you. Some people like to organize
by color. We like to organize by keep styles together (dresses with dresses). Organizing by creating outfits is a good option for career people…makes mornings simpler.

• Once you have your donation pile ready get rid of it quickly that way it
doesn't take up space. Also makes less opportunity for second thoughts of parting with your old clothing friends.

This is a good idea to do this twice a year. It allows you to have a good look at what you have for that season and what you may need to purchase.

Hopefully these ideas will help inspire you. It always feels great to clean up clutter and create space. You may find you need a few more items for a fresh new spring wardrobe. We've got you covered. We truly miss each and every one of you. Can't wait to see you all in the store soon. In the short term, you can get your fashion fix at our new online store.

Stay safe and healthy,

Roxy & Danielle - the Patryka Fashion Bloggers

Hooks to hang hats, jewellery and accessories.Rings on hangers for scarvesDouble hangers for more closet space

*** Note if local charities aren’t taking clothes, please set aside, as we plan to have another clothing drive, when it is safe to do so. ***

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